David and Isabel’s intimate wedding at The Edinburgh City Chambers

With only seven guest invited, this wedding was very special. I felt so lucky to witness and photograph such a small and intimate wedding between two people who are so madly in love.

Marriage is about the celebration of love, the love you have for your partner and also the love your family and friends combine together for you as a couple. This wedding was a beautiful celebration of love.

David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-2David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-3David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-4David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-5David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-7bow tieDavid and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-11David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-12David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-14David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-18David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-19David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-23David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-24David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-25David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-26David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-30David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-34David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-36David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-39David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-40David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-43David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-44David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-50David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-52David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-54David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-57David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-60David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-87David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-67David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-69David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-70David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-73David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-74David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-75David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-77David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-78David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-80David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-83David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-85David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-87

David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-89David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-94David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-96David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-98David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-106David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-109David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-110David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-113David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-115David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-117

David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-123David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-125David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-129David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-131David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-174David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-177David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-192David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-202David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-136David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-138David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-146David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-148David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-150David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-153David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-156David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-162David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-166David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-168David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-213David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-216David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-221David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-227David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-230David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-237David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-244David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-248David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-238David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-256David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-253David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-263David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-232David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-267David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-269David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-272David and Isabel,Edinburgh City Chambers-274


Edinburgh City Chambers intimate wedding

I love shooting weddings at The Edinburgh City Chambers. The venue is right in the heart of Edinburgh, placed half way up the famous Royal Mile, linking Edinburgh Castle and The Queens Palace.

Rowan and Alice got married here on the 17th August, 2018 close family and friends gathered bringing even more excitement to the bustling Royal Mile.

Their ceremony was relaxed and full of fun and laughter. It was a total pleasure to photograph.

Rowan and Alice wedding, Friday-3

Rowan and Alice Friday -3Rowan and Alice Friday -6Rowan and Alice Friday -9Rowan and Alice Friday -10Rowan and Alice Friday -12Rowan and Alice Friday -13Rowan and Alice Friday -18Rowan and Alice Friday -20Rowan and Alice Friday -22Rowan and Alice Friday -23Rowan and Alice Friday -25Rowan and Alice Friday -27Rowan and Alice Friday -29Rowan and Alice Friday -33Rowan and Alice Friday -35Rowan and Alice Friday -40Rowan and Alice Friday -42Rowan and Alice Friday -43Rowan and Alice Friday -44Rowan and Alice Friday -45Rowan and Alice Friday -49Rowan and Alice Friday -51Rowan and Alice Friday -52

ring on_

Rowan and Alice hugRowan and Alice Friday -56Rowan and Alice Friday -57Rowan and Alice Friday -58Rowan and Alice Friday -59Rowan and Alice Friday -60Rowan and Alice Friday -62Rowan and Alice Friday -63Rowan and Alice Friday -65Rowan and Alice Friday -67Rowan and Alice Friday -69Rowan and Alice Friday -70Rowan and Alice Friday -71Rowan and Alice Friday -72Rowan and Alice Friday -73Rowan and Alice Friday -74

Tuscany Elopement at Agriturismo Le Bolli, Radicondoli

Paul and Leila eloped in an intimate ceremony with their immediate families in the romantic Tuscan countryside. I was honoured to be asked to shoot their wedding. It was an amazing and beautiful start to their marriage.

They stayed in idyllic Villa le Bolli, an ideal retreat to relax and celebrate with their family. Looking out over the pool and up into the hills you can see the town of Radicondoli where Paul and Leila were married by the mayor of the town. The ceremony was in Italian, and then translated, adding to the romance of the day.

Leila’s auntie put together the flower arrangements with locally bought flowers. What a beautiful job she did. There was a special atmosphere in the villa, with the love of family, creating the perfect wedding.


Luke and Sam-526Luke and Sam-524Luke and Sam-520

Luke and Sam-1Luke and Sam-3

Luke and Sam-11Luke and Sam-18Luke and Sam-20Luke and Sam-21

Luke and Sam-41Luke and Sam-42Luke and Sam-43Luke and Sam-45Luke and Sam-47Luke and Sam-48Luke and Sam-51Luke and Sam-52Luke and Sam-55Luke and Sam-57Luke and Sam-67Luke and Sam-72Luke and Sam-73Luke and Sam-75Luke and Sam-84Luke and Sam-85Luke and Sam-87Luke and Sam-90Luke and Sam-97Luke and Sam-100Luke and Sam-103Luke and Sam-106Luke and Sam-107Luke and Sam-108Luke and Sam-109Luke and Sam-114Luke and Sam-123Luke and Sam-129Luke and Sam-135Luke and Sam-138Luke and Sam-142Luke and Sam-144Luke and Sam-146Luke and Sam-147Paul and Leila -1

Luke and Sam-153Luke and Sam-156Luke and Sam-158Luke and Sam-159Luke and Sam-161Luke and Sam-162Luke and Sam-165Luke and Sam-172Luke and Sam-179Luke and Sam-182Luke and Sam-185Luke and Sam-202Luke and Sam-191Luke and Sam-194Luke and Sam-197Luke and Sam-200Luke and Sam-208Luke and Sam-212Luke and Sam-214Luke and Sam-216

Luke and Sam-232

Luke and Sam-234Luke and Sam-237Luke and Sam-243Luke and Sam-246Luke and Sam-257Luke and Sam-259Luke and Sam-264Luke and Sam-266Luke and Sam-272Luke and Sam-276Paul and Leila-1Luke and Sam-299Luke and Sam-302Luke and Sam-309Luke and Sam-313Luke and Sam-315Luke and Sam-326Luke and Sam-328Luke and Sam-336Luke and Sam-338Luke and Sam-343Luke and Sam-357Luke and Sam-362Luke and Sam-372Luke and Sam-375Luke and Sam-376


Sean and Goa | Edinburgh, Portobello Engagement shoot

The reason I am a wedding photographer is because I love taking photos of happy people in love, people having fun and living life to the full. Photographs take people back to special times and memories, I feel honoured to be able to do that and I love my job!

Sean and Goa-5Sean and Goa-6Sean and Goa-4Sean and Goa-1-2Sean and Goa-8Sean and Goa-9Sean and Goa-10Sean and Goa-12Sean and Goa-3Sean and Goa-13Sean and Goa-18Sean and Goa-21Sean and Goa-19Sean and Goa-16Sean and Goa-22Sean and Goa-23Sean and Goa-32Sean and Goa-35Sean and Goa-36Sean and Goa-38Sean and Goa-39Sean and Goa-41Sean and Goa-47Sean and Goa-49Sean and Goa-51Sean and Goa-53


Katie and Patoung – Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding

The City Chambers sits right on The Royal Mile, in-between the magnificent Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, one of the Queens Residences. What a special place for Katie and Patoung to get married and celebrate their love. 

Katie and Patoung-8-2Katie and Patoung-5-2Katie and Patoung-1-2

Katie and Patoung met in Loas. Patoung is Lao, and Katie is Scottish. Their wedding created a beautiful sense of two families coming together to celebrate.

Katie and Patoung-14Katie and Patoung-15Katie and Patoung-33Katie and Patoung-38

Katie and Patoung-16-2

Most people find planning one wedding hard work. Katie and Patoung had three wedding celebrations. Yes that’s right, three weddings! They officially got married here in Edinburgh where I had the privilege of photographing them. They also had ceremonies both in Asia and France, to celebrate with family that couldn’t travel to Scotland. 

Katie and Patoung-17-2Katie and Patoung-20-2Katie and Patoung-69Katie and Patoung-79Katie and Patoung-82Katie and Patoung-88Katie and Patoung-98Katie and Patoung-93Katie and Patoung-92Katie and Patoung-23-2Katie and Patoung-109Katie and Patoung-117Katie and Patoung-66-2Katie and Patoung-46-2

Katie and Patoung-163Katie and Patoung-149Katie and Patoung-115-2Katie and Patoung-62-2

Katie and Patoung-57-2Katie and Patoung-76-2Katie and Patoung-80-2

Katie and Patoung-158-2Katie and Patoung-134-2Katie and Patoung-146-2Katie and Patoung-168-2Katie and Patoung-132-2Katie and Patoung-124-2

Katie and Patoung-154-2

After a short walk up the Royal Mile we got to their venue, just perfect, a gorgeous garden with a view of the city where everyone could enjoy the celebrations together!

Katie and Patoung-113-2Katie and Patoung-111-2Katie and Patoung-187Katie and Patoung-425Katie and Patoung-199

Katie and Patoung-186-2Katie and Patoung-205Katie and Patoung-215Katie and Patoung-426Katie and Patoung-279Katie and Patoung-239Katie and Patoung-268Katie and Patoung-250Katie and Patoung-286

Katie and Patoung-171Katie and Patoung-306

Katie and Patoung-353Katie and Patoung-372

Thank you Katie and Patoung for inviting me to photograph your beautiful wedding. What a great day it was full of laughter, love and celebration.


Katie and Patoung-380katie-and-patoung-350.jpg

Paradise Island Wedding, Pulau Joyo, Indonesia

With all this cold weather it’s an ideal time to dream of warmer climates. This was one of the most incredible weddings I have ever photographed. Last April I had the pleasure of photographing the stunning wedding of Sarah and Daniel Ruston on the private Island of Pulau Joyo.

Palm Trees-1

Pulau Joyo is a tiny private Indonesian island off the coast of Singapore. The journey there was very exciting, filled with anticipation from all the guests. After taking the ferry to Pula Bintan, we had a very bumpy bus ride across the Island. We were well and truly off the beaten track. After driving through the jungle we arrived at a small wooden jetty where we boarded a private speed boat that took us further into the Java Sea towards our private island.


Beach view-1

On the eve of the wedding all the Island guests had a beach BBQ under the stars, with the melodic sounds of reggae in the background it was the perfect way to relax before the big day.

Wedding day is here and the day guests arrive in style. They were met by Sarah and Dan along with warm smiles and cool drink from the Island staff.

Guest arrive -1Guest arrive -2Guest arrive group-1

The bride and groom’s beach hut was beautiful. Their steps lead straight out onto the hot sand, with a gorgeous view of the sea. As Sarah got her hair done you could hear the gentle waves rolling in against the shore.

Sarah and Dan-55

Sarah and Dan-47

Sarah and Dan-194

Whilst Sarah relaxed with some fizz, Dan was able to have one last swim to cool off around the pool before getting ready. I have never photographed such a relaxed wedding, I totally loved the chilled island vibes.

Sarah and Dan-62

Sarah and Dan-67

Sarah and Dan-86

Sarah and Dan-20

The beach was simple and beautiful. What an idilic back drop to get married to.

Sarah and Dan-84

Sarah and Dan-81

What an entrance! Sarah and her father, Nigel walked through the shade of palm trees towards her husband to be, the sun certainly knew who was the star of the show.

Sarah and Dan-108Sarah and Dan-110Sarah and Dan-113

As Sarah and Dan made their vows golden hour approached. The sun slowly setting into the horizon was simply magical.

Sarah and Dan-139

Sarah and Dan-146Sarah and Dan-145Sarah and Dan-150Sarah and Dan-165

2™šÝ·Ï%ò¬úÿ‘!ÿFâk‰n#©åPg/“AOQ)ÿšèáℌ~©IÚèõcÁçÁ) ZáäY¦É

Sarah and Dan-174

The dress code of all white certainly worked, all the guests looked amazing, doing the groups shots was so much fun.

Sarah and Dan-201Sarah and Dan-219Sarah and Dan-230Sarah and Dan-232Sarah and Dan-196Sarah and Dan-199

As the sun almost set to allow the evening party to begin I took the opportunity to get some shots with Sarah and Dan. What an amazing first view to experience together as husband and wife!

Sarah and Dan-243Sarah and Dan-253Sarah and Dan-254Sarah and Dan-265Sarah and Dan-268Sarah and Dan-271

Let the party begin! What a party it was, with a bar down on the beach, the ice cold beers were cracked open, a fine selection of spirits helped the celebrations continued into the early hours.


This was a truly remarkable wedding, and one I will never forget. Thank you Sarah and Dan for finding this paradise and inviting me to photograph your day.

Sarah and Dan-323Sarah and Dan-335Sarah and Dan-330Sarah and Dan-355

Engagement Shoot on Arthurs Seat

Arthurs seat is such a special place, a dormant volcano dating back to 335 million years ago. It is a magnificent sight within the beautiful city of Edinburgh. What better place for a very romantic, sunrise engagement shoot. Even if the sun didn’t come out behind the clouds, we were still able to use the gorgeous morning light.
From the moment Sheila agreed to a sunrise shoot I knew it was going to be great fun. We arranged to meet at 06:15 on a very dark winters morning near the pond and headed up Arthurs Seat.
Sheila and Seth engagement -2
Sheila and Seth, both Canadians, were so much fun. Sheila is living and studying in Edinburgh, whilst Seth was visiting for two weeks. They grabbed their chance to get some special engagement photos ahead of their wedding back in Canada this summer. Sheila loves studying in Edinburgh so it was extra special for her to have photographs to remember her time here.
Arthurs seat is such a great location for photography, really stunning, with great views and very accessible. A short 10 minute walk and we had views right down the beautiful East Coast of Scotland.
Up and over on the other side of the hill you get the most magnificent views of Edinburgh city and The Peatland Hills to the south.
I like to make each shoot unique, I found out through email chats that Sheilas favorite song just happen to be Sunrise by Norah Jones. I brought my portable speaker along just in case an opportunity organically came up to play the song for a bit of fun. Seth surprised Sheila with her hand made engagement ring that she hadn’t seen yet and proceeded to get down on one knee, I pressed play and the faint sounds of Norah Jones started to play, it was a very special moment.
We took a stroll around the hills, taking in the beautiful views and chatting about Seth’s trip to Edinburgh. It was such a relaxed, chilled shoot which I think really shows in the photos.
Sheila and Seth engagement -23
Engagement shoots are such a brilliant way of capturing a very special time in people’s lives. The wedding day is of course the big one, a huge celebration of love and commitment. I often feel that an engagement shoot is more intimate, no pressure of having guests, just two people in love having some pictures taken.
It was such a pleasure to take these photos for Sheila and Seth at this poignant time in their lives. They are living 3,317 miles away from each other due to work and study commitments yet are as madly in love as ever and they can’t wait to get married.