Katie and Patoung – Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding

The City Chambers sits right on The Royal Mile, in-between the magnificent Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, one of the Queens Residences. What a special place for Katie and Patoung to get married and celebrate their love. 

Katie and Patoung-8-2Katie and Patoung-5-2Katie and Patoung-1-2

Katie and Patoung met in Loas. Patoung is Lao, and Katie is Scottish. Their wedding created a beautiful sense of two families coming together to celebrate.

Katie and Patoung-14Katie and Patoung-15Katie and Patoung-33Katie and Patoung-38

Katie and Patoung-16-2

Most people find planning one wedding hard work. Katie and Patoung had three wedding celebrations. Yes that’s right, three weddings! They officially got married here in Edinburgh where I had the privilege of photographing them. They also had ceremonies both in Asia and France, to celebrate with family that couldn’t travel to Scotland. 

Katie and Patoung-17-2Katie and Patoung-20-2Katie and Patoung-69Katie and Patoung-79Katie and Patoung-82Katie and Patoung-88Katie and Patoung-98Katie and Patoung-93Katie and Patoung-92Katie and Patoung-23-2Katie and Patoung-109Katie and Patoung-117Katie and Patoung-66-2Katie and Patoung-46-2

Katie and Patoung-163Katie and Patoung-149Katie and Patoung-115-2Katie and Patoung-62-2

Katie and Patoung-57-2Katie and Patoung-76-2Katie and Patoung-80-2

Katie and Patoung-158-2Katie and Patoung-134-2Katie and Patoung-146-2Katie and Patoung-168-2Katie and Patoung-132-2Katie and Patoung-124-2

Katie and Patoung-154-2

After a short walk up the Royal Mile we got to their venue, just perfect, a gorgeous garden with a view of the city where everyone could enjoy the celebrations together!

Katie and Patoung-113-2Katie and Patoung-111-2Katie and Patoung-187Katie and Patoung-425Katie and Patoung-199

Katie and Patoung-186-2Katie and Patoung-205Katie and Patoung-215Katie and Patoung-426Katie and Patoung-279Katie and Patoung-239Katie and Patoung-268Katie and Patoung-250Katie and Patoung-286

Katie and Patoung-171Katie and Patoung-306

Katie and Patoung-353Katie and Patoung-372

Thank you Katie and Patoung for inviting me to photograph your beautiful wedding. What a great day it was full of laughter, love and celebration.


Katie and Patoung-380katie-and-patoung-350.jpg

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